While public health began aiming its vast resources at informing, empowering and protecting the public from COVID-19 with emerging evidence and best practices in infection control, Mikki Willis, a former model/actor whose online content is popular in the new age and natural healing community for its positive and empowering messages, spent $2,000 to make the now notorious conspiracy film Plandemic from his home in Ojai California.

At the heart of the video’s message is one of government distrust and paranoia, regarding the medical community, both public sector and private sector alike, as representative of a vast medical-industrial-government-complex.





Clinical trials for a Covid-19 vaccine for children are only just beginning. Most kids will not be vaccinated until later in 2021


As encouraging news emerges about a possible vaccine against Covid-19, the natural question becomes “When will I get mine?”

There is still no definite date that vaccines will be widely available, but one demographic can bet on not being immunized during the initial rollout of Covid-19 vaccines — kids.



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