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Wouldn’t it be nice, as you go about your confusing, nerve-wracking, coronavirus-avoiding days, to have an epidemiologist on call to answer your many questions? Consider the Covid Audit the next best thing. This project, a collaboration between Elemental and the Epidemiology Covid-19 Response Corps at the Boston University School of Public Health, asks real people to keep a diary about what they’re doing to avoid Covid-19 and gives friendly feedback from the Response Corps team on actions you can take to support public health — and your own. …

It’s New Year’s Day and, as is traditional, I am laid low by ill health. I am not, to my knowledge, hungover. But no matter, when the year just gone hangs over into the new one, and does so in such an unpleasant, concerning manner.

Now it has been an article of faith, for a long time, and for a large number of people, that this January is going to be rough. This was expected long before the government attempted an amnesty to allow people to give each other covid for Christmas, and before that amnesty was hastily abandoned.


Although the vaccines for COVID-19 that are presently available are being represented as having no animal ingredients, the blood of many thousands of horseshoe crabs is being used to make sure that the vaccines are free of contamination. Although the crab blood is technically not an ingredient of the vaccine, it might as well be. Horseshoe crabs are not really crabs; they are more closely related to spiders and other arachnids than they are to crabs or lobsters. But horseshoe crabs have a complex nervous system and it is very likely that they are sentient, or subjectively aware and able…

Dark matter is one of the central mysteries of modern cosmology. Even after many years of investigation into the true nature of this enigmatic component of our Universe, every search for its cause has so far come up short. Dr David J. E. Marsh at the University of Göttingen believes that the solution lies with a fundamental particle which was first theorised over 40 years ago, but due to the limitations of technology in the past, has not yet been detected. He has proposed a new type of experiment which will soon join the worldwide hunt for this ‘axion’ particle.

Health officials are still recommending that people not travel for the holidays. But as indicated by Thanksgiving travel, there’s a good chance people will be visiting family and friends over the December holidays. There are a few important things to keep in mind if you’re planning to get tested before seeing others. One, you should definitely get a test. But two, keep in mind that one negative test is not enough to definitively say that a person does not have the virus. Here’s why, as I’ve previously reported:

The incubation period for Covid-19 — the number of days between when…

While public health began aiming its vast resources at informing, empowering and protecting the public from COVID-19 with emerging evidence and best practices in infection control, Mikki Willis, a former model/actor whose online content is popular in the new age and natural healing community for its positive and empowering messages, spent $2,000 to make the now notorious conspiracy film Plandemic from his home in Ojai California.

At the heart of the video’s message is one of government distrust and paranoia, regarding the medical community, both public sector and private sector alike, as representative of a vast medical-industrial-government-complex.

Plandemic has done a phenomenal job of spreading disinformation to tens of millions of North Americans by, as a recent article aptly puts it, “claiming the absence of evidence as proof of conspiracy”, and is illustrative of how fake news and disinformation spreads more quickly online than mainstream news and public health messaging from government.

Fast forward several months and pandemic fatigue has set in…



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