Per Capita U.S. Covid-19 Deaths Now Exceed World War IThe nation crosses two grim thresholds as deaths exceed 400,000

With the U.S. Covid-19 death toll now exceeding 400,000, the pandemic has taken more lives on a per-capita basis than World War I or any year’s worth of infectious-disease outbreaks in a century.

Such comparisons mean nothing to those who’ve lost a loved one to the novel coronavirus. I note them to illustrate the scope of the pandemic, to put it in some context to help illuminate the severity of the ongoing, largely preventable catastrophe.

The daily Covid-19 death rate — now at 3,225 based on the one-week running average — is nearly as high as the combined toll of the two leading annual causes of death, heart disease (1,774 deaths per day) and cancer (1,641). …

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