Clinical trials for a Covid-19 vaccine for children are only just beginning. Most kids will not be vaccinated until later in 2021

As encouraging news emerges about a possible vaccine against Covid-19, the natural question becomes “When will I get mine?”

There is still no definite date that vaccines will be widely available, but one demographic can bet on not being immunized during the initial rollout of Covid-19 vaccines — kids.

Drug company Moderna announced that they will begin to recruit for clinical trials looking at the efficacy of their mRNA-1273 vaccine in adolescents. With promising efficacy and safety data emerging, this begs the question — why the delay in testing efficacy in children?

How Vaccines For Children Are Made

Many feel that children are among the most vulnerable populations in society. Many social and medical protections are first extended to safeguard children before adults. But the opposite is true when it comes to experimental drugs and therapies including vaccines. …


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